Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dolores Tropicana Bikini Open Bikini Hunk and Babe 2012 winners announced

The  prestigious Dolores  Tropicana Bikini Open 2012   is here  once  again.It  seemed  like yesterday when Joel Laping and Mary Graceirish Respecia executed their best shots to  bag the 2011 Tropicana Bikini Hunk and Babe title. 

And  now here's another  set of winners in the most  extravagant bikini  open  competion held  last Saturday,May 12,2012  at  7 pm.Twenty sexy  and fit male and female who passed the scrupulous audition will  compete  for the prestigious 'super body' tilt in Dolores  Tropicana Resort Hotel in Cabu,Tambler,General Santos  City.

Ladies and  are the winners:

3rd runners up ,Raj  and Jenny
2nd runners up,Lee Magic Johnson and Grifs

first runners  up  Renzo  and Maryjane

bikini hunk and babe 2012,Ichin  and Cindy


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